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Yemanjo Remix of Ayla Schafer "Agua del Amor" is out!

With a growing international presence, Ayla Schafer has become known for combining the worlds of folk music with ceremonial / medicine music, a movement with a growing community dedicated to the healing power of song.

"Agua del Amor" was the first single from Ayla Scafers album "Silent Voices" back in 2020, and now reshaped for the dance floor by the magic touches of Yemanjo. Yemanjo is a project of DJ, producer and multi-instrument$list Ben

Harris. With two full length albums and various EPs and singles released with Jumpsuit Records, Kybele, Cosmovision Records and more, Yemanjo's prolific body of work ranges from shamanic downtempo to organic ethnic/tribal house, weaving sounds of Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

"I've been a fan of Ayla's music long before I had the good fortune of meeting her at a beautiful ecstatic dance/live music event we provided the music for in Tulum last year. As a ceremonial musician and singer myself, I appreciate the nuances of her voice, the depth of her lyrics, and the deceptive simplicity of her compositions. I tried to stay true to the power of the original with this remix. I kept most of the organic instruments and let it be driven by Ayla's vocal harmonies while adding deep bass, my own trumpet and some complimenting electronics. My hope is that people will move to their own internal "Agua Del Amor" on the dancefloor..." Yemanjo

Artwork: Cedricizael

Original version produced by: Txai Fernando

Stream & Download here:

Links to Yemanjo channels:


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