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Curawaka Ibiza 1.jpg


International quartet Curawaka describe their unique sound as "sacred

world music". A respectful yet passionate way of connecting the new

with the ancient, the open mind and searching heart with the spiritual

and ritual. Sacred world music is here to facilitate a reawakening of

the soul and reopening of cosmic channels. The project is equal parts

spirituality and music, and with an undeniable dimension of environmentalist consciousness. The quartet leads the listener on a journey through the soundscape of the natural world and its native indigenous cultures, allowing the music to trigger something meaningful and profound in most of us.

Hailing from as far apart as Norway, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina,

Curawaka are - like their music - of the world. Geographical and

musical backgrounds and differences challenge and expand their distinctive

sound, allowing for contrasts and nuances. Musicians Tavo Vasquez, Alberto

Arroyo and Txai Fernando bring the groove, playfulness

and passion that comes with their latin folk rhythms and traditions,

weaving a vivid and playful tapestry for vocalist and songwriter Anna

Bariyani to elaborate on.

Bariyani has spent years living with, and learning from, indigenous

tribes all over the globe. She is inspired to tell stories inspired by native culture and sing in

several languages, including Hatcha Kuin, Yawanawa, Sami, Spanish,

Portuguese, English and her mother tongue, Norwegian, all the while

transcending the formal limitations of said languages. Her songs celebrate and echo the voices of the peoples of the natural world, their spirituality and sacred practices.

Their debut album Call of the Wild (Nixi Music 2018) is a tribute to

cultural heritage and folklore from many corners of the world, as well

as an accomplished amalgam of musicianship and spirituality. Curawaka

aim to connect and inspire the wilderness of the human heart, and through music help restore collective memory, reminding us that the natural world is the only real world. They call for a new dawn of humanity, one in which peoples of all creed and color unite to defend what is true, good and sacred. 

Curawaka is the musical project of

Anna Bariyani - vocals, guitar, hand drum

Tavo Vasquez - charango, quena, sikuri

Alberto Arroyo - guitar, bass

Txai Fernando - guitar, percussion

Curawaka: Artists
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