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Adrian Freedman

Adrian Freedman (b. 1962) is a British composer and multi-instrumentalist specialising in the shakuhachi, Japanese zen flute.
A musician of extraordinary breadth, his musical journey encompasses the fields of Baroque music, contemporary and improvised music, folk-fusion, soundtracks for theatre and contemporary dance, Japanese traditional music and devotional songs. 

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Astral Flowers

Astral Flowers (Txai Fernando & Bastiaan Kamãvena) is an enchanted musical project, with the aim to capture Astral Flowers into the divine harmonies of sound. A vast range of enchanted world music is woven together, where all colors of the rainbows are honored and given expression to. Sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies & hymns, circle songs straight from the heart, multi-instrumental journeys that help to arrive deeper in tune with the messages and wisdom of nature.

Ayla Schafer

Ayla is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music from across South and North America.
With a growing international presence she has become known as 'A voice of Mother Earth' and is a powerful voice in the world of ‘Ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth.


Chandra Lacombe

Brazilian Kalimba master Chandra Lacombe has a unique voice, vision
and way of playing his instrument of choice. The African instrument is
central to his work, and Lacombe gained worldwide recognition by
expanding its use. Traditionally the Kalimba is just used for its
melodic function and is played using only the thumbs. Lacombe invented
a different technique, using several fingers, and has turned it into a
lap piano of sorts on which he explores harmonic textures and creates
new tunes.

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International quartet Curawaka describe their unique sound as "sacred
world music". A respectful yet passionate way of connecting the new
with the ancient, the open mind and searching heart with the spiritual
and ritual. Sacred world music is here to facilitate a reawakening of
the soul and reopening of cosmic channels. The project is equal parts
spirituality and music, and with an undeniable dimension of environmentalist consciousness.


Flowers of the Forest

Flowers of the Forest is a musical journey created and composed by Sigmund Vatvedt  and Rutt Treima. The group combines various musical expressions, cultures and languages. It bridges the ancient and modern, inspired by folklore and traditions spanning the north, south, east and west. The songs express the beauty of nature and the creative Life Force. The lyrics speak of the hearts longing to be free. At its core, the music embodies a deep spiritual calling which comes to life through the melodies, harmonies and sounds. It is a powerful creative expression, a prayer for the souls yearning to awaken and live life fully. 

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