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Chandra Lacombe: Artists
Chandra Lacombe: Music


Brazilian Kalimba master Chandra Lacombe has a unique voice, vision
and way of playing his instrument of choice. The African instrument is
central to his work, and Lacombe gained worldwide recognition by
expanding its use. Traditionally the Kalimba is just used for its
melodic function and is played using only the thumbs. Lacombe invented
a different technique, using several fingers, and has turned it into a
lap piano of sorts on which he explores harmonic textures and creates
new tunes.

This creation of new sounds and new styles of music appeals to people
all over the world, as proven when several hundred contributors from
10 countries crowdfunded his fifth album Carruagem (2014).

Lacombe's repertoire takes you on a journey of celestial sounds
through original compositions as well as traditional mantras given
contemporary arrangements. Though rooted in his native Brazil,
showcasing elements of folk music, and a traditional African
instrument, Lacombe is also heavily influenced by his connection to
India through Santana Dharma and Kriya Yoga.

Throughout his career Lacombe has enjoyed international recognition
and cooperation, recording his music in Brazil and Europe, performing
and working with musicians and producers from all over the world. He
communicates fluently, and is equally comfortable, with lyrics in
Portuguese, English and Sanskrit.

Whether in the studio, or performing live, Lacombe allows his
spiritually uplifting music to create a connection between himself and
the listener. His aim is to guide you on a journey of healing, of the
heart and mind, through celestial sounds.

Namaskar (2012) connected with listeners around the globe, and it will
finally be available for streaming in 2019. At the same time Lacombe
will return to the studio to work on his most recent album, another
step on this musical and spiritual journey. One you are welcome to

Chandra Lacombe: Artists
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