Adrian Freedman feat Ayla Schafer & Susie Ro "Astral Dawn"

Adrian Freedman`s first single from his upcoming album "Kindred Souls". Adrian is joined by the beautiful voices of Ayla Schafer and Susie Ro, the glittering sounds of the African kora, played by Ravi Freeman, the bubbling rhythms of the Indian dholak drum played by Arjun Magee, and by the sonorous tones of leading jazz double bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado.

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Ayla Schafer "Silent Voices"

Silent Voices echoes this: a moving, intricate folk record that combines musical elements from contrasting parts of the world but carries a message about inclusivity and introspection. An album title that is especially relevant for the challenging times we all face, calling for cultures to be more aligned on issues we encounter as a species and the environment we live in.


Ayla Schafer "Rose"

With its gorgeous guitar melodies, sweeping violins and undulating percussive rhythms that underpin her soaring vocals, and lyrics about strength and softness, the track is an encapsulating introduction to the new album "Silent Voices".

Produced by our very ownTxai Fernando

The track features two of Ayla’s closest friends Susie Ro Music and Helen Knight singing harmonies.

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Ayla Schafer "Grandmother (I Am the Earth)

"This song was born In the early hours of the morning after a ceremony and challenging journey had finished, I asked for help and I found my voice coming out of my being and into the space. I felt the knowing that I am the Earth and She is I. I felt how we are healing with her, breathing, feeling, singing with her. She helped me in that moment to open myself to welcome all of life, the challenges and beauty all equal in gifts. May this offering be part of our great remembering as humans that we are not seperate from our Mother Earth, we are one with her".

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Giita Rani - Shiva / Divine Dancer

Giita explains “The song was created as a playful jam, Chandra and Surya, sun and moon dancing around each other. And as it grew on me, and the lyrics started to come forth it was in the spirit of anchoring royal spirit of consciousness. The wish in creating music is ever to inspire flow; in moments of rest, meditation, dance, yoga, healing and connecting.


Susie Ro "HOME - Live & Locked Down"

During the lockdown of Spring 2020, Susie wanted to share some stripped-back, live, first-take, authentic versions of her heart-songs, so set up a little recording studio in her cabin in the woods. 'HOME' is a collection of 8 songs for these times; medicine for the soul!


Ayla Schafer "Agua Del Amor"

"Agua Del Amor" is the first single from Ayls upcoming album “Silent Voices”. Nixi co-founder Txai Fernando has produced the album with Ayla. Ayla says "This is a special song of hope, joy, prayer, celebration and gratitude to life. I pray it will bring light and inspiration to all of your hearts in these challenging times. Thank you to the incredible musicians who joined this musical prayer:

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Nils Noa "This Could Be A Good Time!"

Norway’s Nils Noa is a renowned artist with a reputation for purveying an atmospheric and glistening side of electronic music. Nils continues to pursue the deeper realms of dance music within his productions and musical direction of his Nixi Music imprint which he runs with multi- instrumentalist Txai Fernando.
‘This Could Be A Good Time’ provides warming bass frequencies resonating throughout that gracefully balance with progressive, fluttering melodies, effervescent percussion and pacifying vocals underneath from Søren Frieboe and Majbritte Ulrikkeholm’s ‘Message from the Hopi Elders’.


Chandra Lacombe "Ganesha Puja"

Chandra Lacombes new version of his "Ganesha Puja" is finally out today! Chandra is an artist we hold in high regard, and this powerful mantra has been one of our favourite songs from him. The labels founders Nils Noa Lausund and Txai Fernando have produced the new version, and its mixed and mastered by Christian Sol. Artwork done by Irene DM


Astral Flowers "New Paradigm" Remixes

Nils Noa kicks things off with his remix of ‘Forca Da Cura’ deploying delicate textures, meditative chants and weaving synth zaps.
Intiche’s trademark of fusing deep, natural sounds inspired by ancient cultures are ever present in his edit of ‘Caminhei’ which delivers hypnotic, shamanic instrumentals, alleviating vocals and organic percussion.
J.Pool & Steffen K wrap up proceedings with a beautiful remix of ‘Pachamama’that balances tranquilising flutes, wooden percussive elements and soothing singing that pacifies the senses.

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Curawaka "Call of the Wild"

International quartet Curawaka describe their unique sound as "sacred world music". A respectful yet passionate way of connecting the new with the ancient, the open mind and searching heart with the spiritual and ritual. Sacred world music is here to facilitate a reawakening ofthe soul and reopening of cosmic channels. The project is equal parts spirituality and music, and with an undeniable dimension of environmentalist consciousness. .Their debut album “Call of the Wild” is a tribute to cultural heritage and folklore from many corners of the world.

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Chandra Lacombe "Namaskar"

Brazilian Kalimba master Chandra Lacombe has a unique voice, vision and way of playing his instrument of choice. The African instrument is central to his work, and Lacombe  gained worldwide recognition by expanding its use. Whether in the studio, or performing live, Lacombe allows his spiritually uplifting music to create a connection between himself and the listener. His aim is to guide you on a journey of healing, of the heart and mind, through celestial sounds. Namaskar (2012) connected with listeners around the globe, and was finally available for streaming in 2019

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Astral Flowers "New Paradigm"

The 11 track long player from Astral Flowers is beautifully done by Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamavena . Astral Flowers is an enchanted musical project, with the aim to capture Astral Flowers into the divine harmonies of sound. A vast range of enchanted world music is woven together, where all colors of the rainbows are honored and given expression to. Sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies & hymns, circle songs straight from the heart, multi-instrumental journeys that help to arrive deeper in tune with the messages and wisdom of nature.