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Michael Beck drops debut single «Sovereignty»!


«Sovereignty», the first single off the upcoming album «Surrender», came to Michael during the Pandemic:


– The lyrics came through me within a split second. It was pure channeling. This song is for everybody, but I was especially thinking of my children and grandchildren when writing it. My wish is that they live their life authentically, being true to their hearts, and always live their dreams, not giving away their sovereignty. That they claim and own their right to freedom. The best way to show my wish for the children, is to live that, and to be the inspiration. I’m proud and happy, having my daughter singing with me on this song. The message in the lyrics is powerful, and you will learn a lot about me from listening to this song, he says. 

 «My intuition is my best friend» he sings, and «We are the carriers of divine light».

– We all carry the light. The question is: If we trust in it? Intuition shares the answer’s immediately, but the mind gets in the way. 

The song invokes the elephant headed God Ganesha. 

– It felt right for the song. Ganesha is a remover of obstacle’s and invokes guidance and protection. It’s good for all of us to know, that we are always guided and protected, especially through these special and transforming times we are living in now. 


– The song is truly me, Michael says. 

Listen, Stream & Download:



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