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Kailash Kokopelli and Flowers of the Forest in Oslo this Sunday!


Cacao Ceremony - Songs of Prayer - Breathwork - Sound Healing

Welcome dear extended family to this wonderous evening, led by Kailash Kokopelli. He will be amongst friends.

Flowers of the Forest will share their songs, AANDEDRAG will guide you through a breathing journey and Myrvann Cacao will bring us our brew for this ceremony.

The intention for this Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork and Sound

Healing experience is to utilize medicine, music and the power of our breath for our hearts to be uplifted and journey deep to source within.


Sound (born from silence bringing us home to silence again) is a wonderful bridge to merge with true being and commune with the field of pure consciousness.

When we get in contact with our natural state, divine intelligence allows self–healing and rejuvenation. Inner guidance can unfold more easily with more clarity and recalibration to our original purpose.


Kailash Kokopelli is recognized as an international performer and producer of sacred world music.

The multi-instrumentalist, medicine person and sound healer is weaving ancient and future traditions through his ceremonial medicine music. Exploring the healing effect of sound over 30 years, Kokopelli has developed a unique sound transmission initiating self-healing processes through the Australian Didgeridoo of the Aboriginees, the Native American Prayer Flute, crystal singing bowls in combination with overtone and shamanic spirit chanting.

As one of the first European Didgeridoo Players and Healing Music producers, Kailash Kokopelli is a leading pioneer and sound therapist exploring the healing effect of sound since the early 90’s since when he gathered his expertise through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing ceremonial Medicine Music Concerts worldwide.

Find his world of music also on Instagram @kailash.kokopelli spotify, youtube, soundcloud etc.

Flowers of the Forest is the creation of the married duo Sigmund and Rutt, sharing their gift of music and prayers.

AANDEDRAG is Axel Haugland way of teaching Breathwork. Its designed to connect you to the the spiritual aspects of life and ignite the free will of passionate desire.

Myrvann is a norwegian cacao brand created by Martin Bull. Its well known for its premium quality and exquisite taste.

Description of event:

Experience the medicine of songs of prayer, healing sound, breathwork and ceremonial cacao during a 4 hr transmission initiating a self-healing processes.

The event aims to cleanse the chakras and auric field from negative attachments, entities, crystallizations in the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies and energy centers. It is a form of sound surgery where unhealthy accumulation and toxins can be cleansed, released and neutralized. Along with the cacao the Sound Medicine also has a positive effect to decalcify the pineal gland and stimulate in general vital force to flow and activate dormant circuits for the client to tap into true power of purpose and remember original assignment.


- We have a limited amount of space, so you need to sign up in advance by paying 777,- Vipps to 99522656 (Nicoline Stang).

Please write 'Kailash 5.mai'.

- No need to bring blanket or yogamat, NLY provides everything we need to get comfy.

- Wear comfortable clothes and please bring a water bottle.

- Dont eat too much or too heavy at least two hours before this ceremony.

- Maybe a snack or 'matpakke' for after the event before you head home. We will spend some time packing it all down so you are free to stay for some time after we are finished.

- We will offer a selection of Myrvann's Cacao and Nicoline Artemis's Herbal medicine and raw cakes for sale before and the after the event.


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