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Chandra Lacombe returns with new single ‘Krishna Govinda’!

Following his beautiful ‘Song For Peace’ - released in April on Nixi music, for which a video was released alongside, featuring people from all around the world asking for PEACE, Chandra Lacombe returns with a new single ‘Krishna Govinda’.

Beginning with Chandra’s signature sound of the Kalimba, alongside the sounds of the sitar, flute, harmonium and Dilruba ‘Krishna Govinda’ is an uplifting song that rises up into the elevating and cleansing energy of this mantra.

In respect for this ancient tradition, Chandra shares the meaning behind the mantra, according to Swami Sarvananda Saraswati:

‘Krishna Govinda Hari Murāri Nātha Nārāyaṇa Vāsudeva’

Krishna – One who elevates.

Govinda – Śaṅkara (Indian Vedic scholar and teacher) explained in his commentary explains

etymologically Govinda in four different ways, to mean the absolute reality - Brahman.

(1) One who finds or knows the earth - one who has understood the underlying support of the creation.

(2) One who is not only the Divine Cowherd (Krishna) but the Lord of all Cattle (animals) – as the very life-giving force behind all forms of energy, as the truth and essence of all life- forms.

(3) One who bestows the power to speak – the power with which all communication takes place.

(4) One who is known though the Vedas as the absolute Reality and Oneness, brought out in the Upanishad statements.

In short, Govinda stands for the essence, the ātmā, the Truth of the ever-changing external world that we experience, Govinda is the Brahman of the Upanishads, the absolute Reality – the Almighty.

Hari – One who has the capacity to destroy all our sufferings.

Murāri – Killer of a demon called Mura

Nātha – Almighty

Nārāyaṇa – The destination and refuge of all human beings

Vāsudeva – The in-dweller (ātmā or consciousness) and the Lord of the creation

About Chandra Lacombe:

Chandra is a complete musician that, first being a percussionist, has chosen the Kalimba, an African percussion instrument, as his main compositional instrument. Chandra developed a unique technique using all of his fingers to play the Kalimba, opening up a new world of possibilities for soloing and phrasing.

With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe,

weaves the wisdom of the Eastern Traditions together with the spirituality and mythology of

the South American Medicine Path. Approaching music as an alive spirit, Chandra’s music

touches the soul through the powerful healing frequency of the heart.

A prolific artist, recording and releasing music since the early 90s, Chandra has released over ten albums, including ‘Musica das Esferas ́(1992), ’Terra à Vista’ (1994) and ‘Matutu’ (2000) with his band Udiyana Bandha. Several under his own name, including collaborations with Txai Fernando, Kailash Kokopelli, Maneesh de Moor, Satyadev Barman and Sigmund Vatvedt, and he has also released music with Brazilian master musician, Carioca, including the releases‘Meeting in the Forest’, ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ’Celebration’, by now all classics in the worldwide spiritual community.


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