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"Song For Peace" music video is out now!

Staying true to the message of peace at a time of much global unrest, this video highlights people of all nationalities and their desire for peace on Earth.

“Song For Peace” seems to be born from an archetypal source, with an intrinsic beauty and strength that becomes unique and universal at the same time. Faced with the complex scenario in which humanity finds itself, where human paradigms have been called into question, where love and unity have been constantly threatened by hatred and and separation, “Song For Peace” rescues the ideal of Peace, the Peace that begins within each human being, and it expands and multiplies through our hearts. The message, accompanied by the Vedic Mantra “Om Asato Ma Sadgamaya”, encourages us in the search for Truth and Freedom, using Consciousness and Knowledge as instruments for liberating all Ignorance and Darkness that still dwell in our hearts.” - Chandra Lacombe

PS: If you could like to be included in an extended cut of this video, please follow these steps: Record a 7 second video of yourself holding a clear sign stating ‘PEACE’ in your language. Upload this video to Instagram and include the hashtags: #wewantpeace and #songforpeace. We will search this tags to retrieve videos that will be added into the longer version.

Written by: Chandra Lacombe, Traditional mantra


Chandra Lacombe: lead vocal, kalimba, percussion

Nils Olav Strand Lausund: Synth, beat programming

Endre Hareide: Bass

Giitam: backing vocals

Sigmund Vatvedt: Guitar

Øystein Nødtvedt: Piano

Jonas Raabe: synths

Elina Rodevic: violins Hanne

Helene Engelien Viestad: harmonium

Produced by: Nils Olav Strand Lausund

Mixed by: Nils Olav Strand Lausund

Mastered by: Morgan Nicolaysen


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