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Raio reworked Curawakas "He Yama Yo" and got lisenced to the last Shika Shika compilation!

The Bali based producer, DJ and musician have made a brilliant version of "He Yama Yo" for the body and the soul. We where truly impressed and it will also be released by us on a later point with some other remixes from the Curawaka album "Call of the Wild". Rob is also a brilliant DJ in the ecstatic dance scene, and this remake is tailor made for his sets.

Here is what the label says about the compilation:

With this compilation we are presenting a selection of new names we’d never heard of until our open call, old friends we somehow haven’t already worked with and amazing established names. It is a selection of beautiful, music by 13 talented musicians and producers from all over the world - Canada to Indonesia, Egypt to Argentina. They are tied together by an approach to electronic folk music, rich organic soundscapes and a sonic freshness

More info about Raio & Shika Shika:


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