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Our friend Kailash Kokopelli needs our support!

Our beloved friend Kailash Kokopelli was in a scooter accident in Bali on Sunday, the 29th. He was hit by a car. His lower leg is fractured in multiple places and needs immediate surgery and titanium plating, which is a very costly procedure and the only way forward to enable him to walk again properly. Please respond soon, as the bill is due before the operation, and consider sharing this fundraiser.

Kailash, our beloved brother, who has touched the lives of so many of us with his music, spiritual guidance, and walk of life, needs our help.

After helping to care for his elderly mother while traveling the world for work, he has exhausted his finances. The medical care he now needs and the time he needs to heal his body will require a substantial sum, especially considering that he has to cancel his upcoming tour bookings.

Please donate generously to help Kailash heal and get back to doing what he loves most: sharing his medicine music and healing gifts with the world. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.

Please join us in praying for Kailash as he recovers from this accident. We ask Great Spirit for a healing touch to be upon him and for the strength and courage to face the challenges ahead. Thank you for your prayers.

Please send a message to our friend Kailash. He is a strong and resilient person, but in this time, it will surely mean healing light and energy for him to know of our love and appreciation for him, his walk, and his creations.

In gratitude for all that is moving to help this situation.


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