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Nixi Music presents - Curawaka - Dreamtime Tour final date in Oslo in October!

We are thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary musical experience featuring Curawaka at Jakobskirken in Oslo! On Friday October 13, the international musical group will grace the stage with their unique soundscapes and captivating melodies that blend elements from indigenous traditions, traditional Latin-American folk rhythms, and enchanting Scandinavian folklore.

With a profound passion for indigenous cultures, Curawaka has embarked on a transformative journey, spending years living with and learning from diverse tribes across the globe. Their music is a reflection of this profound connection with the natural world, filled with harmonies inspired by native cultures worldwide, celebrating the voices of First Nation Peoples, their spirituality, and their deep connection to the land.

Be prepared to be transported to a realm of dreams and awakenings as Curawaka's ethereal melodies, soaring harmonies, and spiritually-inspired lyrics fill the beautiful surroundings of Jakobskirken. This sacred space will provide the perfect backdrop to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cultures and emotions that Curawaka masterfully brings to life.

Mark your calendars for this evening of soul-stirring music and profound connections. Join us at Jakobskirken in Oslo on October 13. Let us come together to celebrate a sacred world rising, where the power of music unites us all.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to witness the magic of Curawaka live on stage. Get your tickets early and be part of an evening that promises to touch your heart and soul. Let the celestial melodies and world rhythms guide you on a journey of hope and unity.

Early bird price: 350 NOK (close August 31) Buy tickets HERE

From September 1st: 390 NOK

The bar will be open.

There will also be sold ceremonial cacao: 100 NOK.

More info:

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