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Nils Noa releases "This Could Be A Good Time" October 21st!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Norway’s Nils Noa is a renowned artist with a reputation for purveying an atmospheric and glistening side of electronic music that can be heard on previous releases on his Troll Records imprint. In 2003 Nils was asked to contribute to the Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 making him one of the youngest artist to do so at the time leading to a busier DJ schedule which continues through to this day. In addition to being a booker at The Villa in Oslo where he plays multiple gigs a year, Nils continues to pursue the deeper realms of dance music within his productions and musical direction of his Nixi Music imprint which he runs with multi- instrumentalist Txai Fernando.

‘This Could Be A Good Time’ provides warming bass frequencies resonating throughout that gracefully balance with progressive, fluttering melodies, effervescent percussion and pacifying vocals underneath from Søren Frieboe and Majbritte Ulrikkeholm’s ‘Message from the Hopi Elders’.

Nils Noa ‘This Could Be A Good Time’ drops on Nixi Music on 21st October 2019.

Tracklist: 1. This Could Be A Good Time

Artwork by: Irene Dominguez


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