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New year, new decade and exciting projects coming up!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Its been a bit quiet on the release side with us lately, but don't worry we have some really exciting album projects coming up. Chandra Lacombe will release his album "Star Of Love" this spring and there is also a minialbum for the summer in the works from the Kalimba master. Adrian Freedman has a big project lined up called "Lotus Rising" that will be released in multiple parts with the first part coming before the summer. Speaking of Chandra and Adrian, the two master musicians met recently in Brazil for some creative exchange as guests on each others albums. We where there, and it sounded epic!

Ayla Schafer is putting the final touches on her new album that is being produced by Nixis very own Txai Fernando. Ayla has released two very special albums before this one, but the upcoming one is sounding so promising so we can wait to get it out for you to hear it too!

Last but not least, Astral Flowers are also putting some final touches on their follow up album from the 2018 "New Paradigm". So you can see we have some very promising projects in the pipeline. And some remixes, singles from the albums will be released and other singles projects from other artists also confirmed.

Wishing everyone a great new start on this promising decade <3


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