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New music from Chandra Lacombe coming soon!!

Chandra Lacombe is one of Nixi Musics most beloved artists, and we are so excited to tell you there is brand new music from the Kalimba master just around the corner. First up next week is a new version of his "Ganesha Puja" that will see the light of day. The original was never properly released, but still been a fan favorite for years. There will be both an album and an EP in the coming months as well. For those of you who don't know of Chandra work, his repertoire takes you on a journey of celestial sounds through original compositions as well as traditional mantras given contemporary arrangements. Though rooted in his native Brazil, showcasing elements of folk music, and a traditional African instrument, Lacombe is also heavily influenced by his connection to India through Santana Dharma and Kriya Yoga.

Throughout his career he has enjoyed international recognition and cooperation, recording his music in Brazil and Europe, performing and working with musicians and producers from all over the world. He communicates fluently, and is equally comfortable, with lyrics in Portuguese, English and Sanskrit.

More info about Chandra:


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