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Meet our brilliant designer Irene DM!

Irene Domínguez Márquez (aka Irene DM - Namtaru Creations Citizen of the world, born in Southern Spain, Irene is a professional and multidisciplinary freelance artist; as well as co-founder of World Cultures United NGO, where she puts at the service all her skills, knowledge, experience, networks and time for her true calling: to be a bridge person and "create and travel for a change". Graduated as a photographer, illustrator and graphic designer, certified yoga teacher...  For more than a decade, Irene has collaborated on many projects together with university professors, libraries, organizations, schools, artists, musicians and others with a focus on education, creative learning, cultural networks, cross-border platforms, artists in residence projects, with different countries in Europe, Russia and South America. Collaborating with others towards a more conscious evolution and everything related to ancestral knowledge and indigenous cultures are her passions, which led her to become a collaborator of Nixi Music in 2019.


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