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Kailash Kokopelli feat. Ayla Schafer ‘Waterchant’ - Nils Olav remix

Kailash Kokopeli returns to Nixi Music with ‘Water Chant’, offering praises to the sacred waters of life, released on summer solstice 2024.

Following ‘Tatawari Fire Chant’, released on winter solstice, comes this amazing love declaration to the gift of water featuring Ayla Schafer, Flowers of the Forest and Vieux Aliou Cissokho on African Kora, remixed by Nixi Music label head, Nils Olav.

“This Water Chant is a prayer of reverence: We pray that the spirit of water may always regenerate itself and give life to our children and future generations. May we sing with love to the living waters so they can be purified and offer purification and healing to all sentient beings in all kingdoms.” - Kailash Kokpeli

Nils Olav brings the release to the dancefloor. “ I loved the original so it was a pleasure to do the remix when Kailash reached out. And a natural continuation after I remixed his fire chant single.” - Nils Olav

Kailash Kokopelli, is recognised as an international recording artist, producer and performer of medicine music. The sound medicine man has explored the healing effect of sound since the early 90s and conducts sound healing ceremonies as well as individual treatments worldwide. Kokopelli's sound alchemy covers a great variety of genre ranging from healing sound of prayer flute via shamanic soundscapes to electronic world fusion and ecstatic dance music as well as soul funk, smooth jazz, EDM and spoken word. Through his sound medicine woven with poetic prayers and mystic songs he offers keys to initiate self-healing processes and expand awareness for coming home to source within. A master of the Native American Prayer Flute, Spirit Chanting and various sacred instruments, Kailash weaves healing mantras into his sacred world music, fostering a unified energy field of grace and healing.

Nils Olav, known for his extensive background in music production and DJing, found inspiration in the underground culture of medicine music. His artistic journey with Nixi Music led to a fusion of electronic sounds with live performances, resulting in a harmonious blend that merges spirituality and music seamlessly.

Nixi Music is a pioneering label devoted to indigenous and medicine music, fostering a platform for musicians aligned with deep spiritual values. Founded by Nils Olav and Txai Fernando, the label hosts an array of musicians including Curawaka, Ayla Schafer, and Chandra Lacombe.

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