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Genevieve & Milo releases their second single "All of Life Is You"

"All of Life is You": A song celebrating the healing power of nature.

Set against the majestic backdrop of Cape Town's natural beauty, the duo Genevieve and Milo unveil their latest musical offering, "All of Life is You," set to be released on Nixi Music. This soulful composition pays tribute to the incredible healing energy found within the spirit of nature.

Inspired by the daily treks through the mountains and the serene depths of the ocean, Genevieve shares, "This song is a testament to the messages received from the sacred fire and the profound teachings nature offers when we open our hearts to listen. It acknowledges the vibrant aliveness that surrounds us, from the tiniest of creatures to the towering mountains, guiding and cradling us on our journey."

"At its core," she continues, "this song serves as a poignant reminder for me to reconnect with the essence of what matters most - nature and love. It's a beacon guiding me through challenging times, restoring my spirit and grounding me in my true self."

Genevieve and Milo, a music duo based in Cape Town, South Africa, weave a tapestry of rich vocals and vibrant percussion, seeking to inspire a deeper connection to the Earth and our inner selves. Raised amidst the raw beauty of the icy Atlantic Ocean and the boundless expanses of the Cape wilderness, their musical essence is rooted in a profound connection to nature.

Their compositions, both mournful and elevating, encapsulate heartfelt messages, narrating tales of healing, and inviting listeners to rediscover the spirit of nature. Fusing influences from South America, Africa, and their ancestral Celtic heritage, their music transcends boundaries, leading listeners on a journey into the quietude of the heart, finding solace in melody.

"All of Life is You" stands as a testament to their profound connection with nature, an anthem echoing the harmony between humanity and the Earth.


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