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Flowers of the Forest steps in for Sam Garrett at the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca!

Sam Garrett sadly was not able to perform this coming Saturday, and our beloved Flowers of the Forest are flying in as replacements. They will be on at 20.00 on Saturday in the Yoga Del mar Space.


The Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival Mallorca is about connection, with yourself, with others and with the nature around you. We are happy to have well-known artists and teachers at the festival who share the spirit of union, such as SAM GARRETT, MOSE, AWARË, KEVIN JAMES CARROLL, DAVID LUREY, KRISHNATAKIS and many others. As in our yoga studio, Yoga del Mar, as an island festival we also offer a platform to international teachers and artists who live on the island, work here and share their talents with others. The island is a magical place, with a great community and a special atmosphere. You will feel it!

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