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Flowers of the Forest "Eventyret" is out today!

Eventyret is a song in Norwegian composed and written by Sigmund Vatvedt. The meaning of the Norwegian word “Eventyret” is “fairytale”. The song takes us on an adventure throughout the world, through many landscapes, seasons and various states of being. The song correlates to the previous release, The Beginning ,where the seeker makes the decision to start the Journey. From there starts the adventure of the fairytale.

The lyrics take the listener along through a mystical fairytale, that life can offer to the ones who dare to open up to the magic of life. Where one can meet several magical creatures that guide them on their way.

The foundation of the song comes from the old storyteller tradition of the bard, presented and transformed into a modern interpretation of this ancient tradition, which guides the seeker through myths and legends that can inspire and help the ones who listen carefully. The final message that is revealed to the traveler is that in the midst of all the enchantment and chaos, do not fear but stay present and continue the journey.

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Eventyret Credit's

Written and composed by Sigmund Kristoffer Vatvedt

Sigmund Vatvedt: Guitar, Charango, vocals

Rutt Treima: Vocals

Øystein Nødtvedt: Tin Whistle

Misha Mullov-Abbado: Double Bass

Elina Rodevic: Violin

Florian Antier; Cello

Hartwin Joris Dhoore: Diatonic Accordion

Kenneth Ekornes: Percussion

Sigurd Nikolai Winge: Orchestral Arrangement

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Urban Sound Studios by Jock Loveband

Violin and Cello recorded at Loïc Journo Sound Design by Loïc Journo

Diatonic Accordion recorded by: Martti Nõu at Kurresaare Music school

Produced by Sigmund Kristoffer Vatvedt, Rutt Treima

Co produced by Nils Olav Lausund

Artwork by Maaria Treima


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