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Chandra Lacombe reveils new single and upcoming album!

With a mission to bring spiritual teachings into music, Brazilian artist, Chandra Lacombe, weaves teachings of the East and the medicine path of the South Americas. ‘Mahamritjunjaya Mantra’ is the first song released from Lacombe’s forthcoming album, ‘Jaya’, on Nixi Music.

A feeling of softness and calm permeates throughout Chandra Lacombe’s music. Relaxing and enchanting, his unique falsetto voice sings Eastern mantras, whilst he plays the kalimba, an African instrument that was originally designed to play with your thumbs, which Chandra developed a full hand technique much like playing a piano. This style of playing opens up a new world of possibilities, where the listener is transported to another realm upon listening. Chandra began playing and recording music in the early 80s. Starting with percussion and rhythm and immersing in various underground Brazilian music and spiritual movements. His early album releases include ‘Aquantico’ and ‘Araculo Musical’, where he started to mix songs with lyrics, mantras and the new age ambience of the kalimba. He worked with artists including Janderson Fernandes (Prem Baba) and Carioca - with whom he worked on the albums ‘Meeting in the Forest’ ‘Shanti Alegria’ and ‘Celebration’. Chandra released albums ‘Sound of Awakening’ (2007), ‘Namaskar’ (2012) and ‘Carruagem’ in 2015, with his band Fusão Divina. His latest release ‘Estrela Do Amor’ was released in support of ‘Hospitagua’ a hospital project to help promote vibration and subtle healing for people.

‘Mahamritjunjaya Mantra’’ is the first single released from Chandra’s forthcoming album ‘Jaya’. “This mantra (mantras are ancient vibrational healing tools) is dedicated to ‘Lord Shiva’, the one with three eyes and who can see beyond duality, seeing what really lies beneath. He pervades and nourishes all creatures and helps to destroy diseases, even death. All things are bound to perish. Shiva helps to rescue the nectar and release attachment to death, which leads to eternal life, which is our true innermost nature. This is a good way to translate this beautiful Shiva mantra, also known as a Rudra mantra.”

“Through my music I try to touch the hearts of people and try to kindle that flame of devotion in the hearts. This is my own way of serving my purpose in life... Inspiring people to feel closer to their souls and lead them to merge with that inner source of truth. I feel sometimes my music is a source of soul- nourishment... It’s a soulful commitment that I have, music and my spiritual journey. My music comes as a messenger for my own insights on spirituality and how it unfolds in my life.” - Chandra Lacombe

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