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"Beginning Of A New Era" Soundtrack by Txai Fernando is out today!

An invitation to a journey: Beginning of a New Era.

Words by: Tor Erik Solli

The soundtrack of the movie “Beginning of a New Era” is like the film itself, in the words of producer Txai Fernando, «an invitation to a journey».

As a stalwart pioneer in the medicine music world, the Nixi Music co-founder has produced some of the most outstanding releases by artists like Ayla Schafer, Chandra Lacombe, Adrian Freedman as well as projects he’s a part of, such as Astral Flowers, Curawaka and Amazon Ensemble. His cinematic flair and love for soundscapes shine through in his work.

– I studied image and sound and audio-visual production at the university in Brazil, Txai recalls.

Then he went on to «experience the magic of music production», recording many of his idols.

He got a job in the film and television industry, but decided he didn’t want to use his art and energy for selling something that did not resonate with him.

– Music made only for entertainment doesn’t interest me that much. I know by my own experience that the power of music can go beyond that. Emotionally, therapeutically and spiritually. I want to create music that connects with the heart and soul.

He went from working in the TV business to traveling into the heart of the Amazon jungle, where he connected with Yawanawa and Huni Kuin tribes to record their ancient sacred chants. He brought the field recordings into the studio, and had them produced in a professional way, creating a groundbreaking fusion with contemporary arrangements.

The collaboration with independent Finnish director Olli Ylinen has been a long process. The film as well as the soundtrack has been ten years in the making.

– It is an experimental movie, which allowed me to experiment with a lot of fun and freedom.

Some of the songs on the soundtrack are inspired by the images in the movie, but it has also worked the other way around, where film-maker Olli Ylinen has created images inspired by Fernando’s soundscapes. Together they have woven a beautiful and mind shaking tapestry of audio and visuals, complimenting each other through an organic process.

Amazon Ensemble, Astral Flowers, Curawaka, Herbert Quinteros, Pepe Danza, Adrian Freedman, Lassi Logren and Célio de Carvalho have contributed to this unique soundtrack album. They are all musicians with whom Txai Fernando shares close connections.

– The movie has a powerful message about the awakening of a new consciousness, Fernando says.

– Through the wisdom of our ancestors it takes an honest look into human evolution. It’s a deep dive looking into the shadow side, all the uncomfortable stuff we always try to externalize, speaking of demons, or a Hitler or a Putin. The hippie movement was an awakening, but it also had a very romantic view of life. The new era calls for purification. For that we have to look within.

Listen, Stream & Download here:


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