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Ayla Schafer is joining the Nixi family!

We are so so happy to announce that we will work together with the very talented Ayla Schafer on the release of her upcoming album. She has a unique voice and is such a great songwriter. Nixi co-founder Txai Fernando has produced the album with Ayla, and on June 12th we are releasing the first single from the album, "Agua Del Amor"

Ayla says "This is a special song of hope, joy, prayer, celebration and gratitude to life. I pray it will bring light and inspiration to all of your hearts in these challenging times.

Thank you to the incredible musicians who joined this musical prayer:

Txai Fernando - percussion, vocals César Aguilar Alcedo - Finlandino Pletórico - charango Giselle Real-d'Arbelle- vocals and classical flute Herbert Quinteros -Toyo Joshua Shanti - Vocal Misha Mullov-Abbado - Double bass Uriel seri - Conga Thank you Camilla Coutinho Silva for this stunning artwork Thank you Barbara Machado for the design work."


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