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Ayla Schafer feat Susie Ro "Like The River" out today.

"Like the River" - A Soulful Journey by Ayla Schafer feat. Susie Ro

"Nixi Music proudly unveils a poignant musical creation, 'Like the River,' a soul-stirring song inspired by the profound beauty and wisdom encapsulated within the flowing currents of a river.

The genesis of this melodious tale traces back to Ayla Schafer's reflective moments along the serene edges of Brazil's waterways. Ayla, a multi-lingual 'world folk' singer-songwriter and recognized 'Voice of the Earth,' shares, 'This song was born during my time in Brazil, where I found solace by the water's edge, tears flowing freely. In that moment, the river whispered to me, reminding me that no matter the twists and turns it takes, its ultimate destination is always the vastness of the sea.'

Susie Ro, a dynamic workshop leader, singer-songwriter, voice coach, and ceremonial singer, joins Ayla in this heartfelt musical journey. Ayla expresses, 'We have been dear friends for 20 years and have been singing together since we were 15 years old. We have shared many musical adventures, singing being a beautiful and soulful part of friendship. We have poured our hearts into 'Like the River,' a testament to the bond we share and the power of music to connect souls.'

Producer Txai Fernando, a talented musician and multi-instrumentalist, contributed significantly to the creation of 'Like the River.' His expertise and musical powers added depth and richness to the production.

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