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Ayla Schafer concert in Oslo!

The amazing Ayla Schafer is in Oslo finishing her new album with our producer Txai Fernando and will hold a special concert Friday 22nd of November.


Journey into the essence of Earth in this concert with Ayla Schafer, supported by multi instrumentalist Txai Fernando. This evening these two incredible musicians will unite a vast range of enchanted world music together, where all colors of the rainbow are honored and given expression to. Expect a ceremonial event in heart-opening space, with music from different traditions taking you through deep forests, mountains, seas and rivers. To facilitate this journey, cacao will be offered as you land into the space.

**There is limited space in the venue so make sure to secure your ticket early**

- - - - ABOUT AYLA - - - - Ayla Schafer is a visionary musical artist creating a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs joined with traditional and tribal music, her music expressing a passionate dedication to earth consciousness and the sacred ancient wisdoms.

With a growing international presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. She sings the song of the spirit, expressing music that reverberates with deep heart, wisdom and soul.

"The wisdom of Mother Earth is clearly channeling through Schafer, and just as our mother is, this music is also stunning." -Chalked up Reviews

'This soulful songstress will astound you with her stunning vocal prowess and captivating presence. A deeply evocative sound that enchants and inspires beauty’ – Ben Howard, Island Records - - - - - ABOUT TXAI FERNANDO - - - - Txai Fernando is a Brazilian multi instrumentalist & producer of enchanted world music with a vast musical influence. He weaves together sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies & hymns and circle songs straight from the heart into multi-instrumental journeys that help to arrive deeper in tune with the messages and wisdom of nature.

Txai Fernando has been touring in Europe for over 20 years with different world music projects such as Astral Flowers, the master of kalimba Chandra Lacombe and traditional indigenous & medicine people of the Amazon and is having his latest project together with Nils Noa from Sony Music.

- - - - PRACTICAL - - - - You are welcome to land into the space from 18:30, with the event starting at 19:00. We request you arrive in time of the event start, as we'll close the entry at 19:00.

Price: Limited Early bird tickets: NOK 250 Full price ticket: NOK 300 Cacao will be sold in addition at the event


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