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Astral Flowers Remixes coming May 28th

Nils Noa, Intiche and J.Pool & Steffen Ki remix three Astral flowers cuts from their ‘New Paradigm’ LP on Nixi Music.

Astral Flowers is a musical project with an aim to capture divine harmonies using vast and natural sound techniques. The use of sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies and colourful atmospheres that look to express a deeper and emotive message has become a constant feature within their music. ‘New Paradigm Remixed’ follows a set of releases from Curawaka, Chandra Lacombe and Astral Flower with this remix package introducing a variation of artists including Nils Noa, Intichie and J. Pool & Steffen Ki.

Nils Noa, who provided an essential mix on BBC Radio 1 back in 2003 and has since gone on to release multiple records on his Troll Records imprint, kicks things off with his remix of ‘Forca Da Cura’ deploying delicate textures, meditative chants and weaving synth zaps. Intiche’s trademark of fusing deep, natural sounds inspired by ancient cultures which can be heard on labels such as Konn Recordings, Oxhala Records and Cosmic Awakenings, become ever present in his edit of ‘Caminhei’ which delivers hypnotic, shamanic instrumentals, alleviating vocals and organic percussion.

J.Pool & Steffen Ki who individually have releases on Numa Medicine Music, Serafin Audio and Deep Bali Records wrap up proceedings with a with a remix of ‘Pachamama’ that balances tranquilising flutes, wooden percussive elements and soothing singing that pacifies the senses.


Forca Da Cura (Nils Noa Remix)

Caminhei (Intiche Edit)

Pachamama (J. Pool & Steffen Ki Revision)


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