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Devotional nectar from the astral flow:“Bhagavan Krishna” by Astral Flowers 

Astral Flowers are back with some drops of devotional nectar to lift us up to the heavenly spheres. Are you ready to receive? 

The duo Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamãvena started recording this bhajan, “Bhagavan Krishna”, back in 2017, during the sessions for their seminal debut album New Paradigm

– It didn’t quite fit in with the other songs, but there was something special about it, so we couldn’t just let go of it, Txai Fernando explains. 

For this special release they have added the talents of some friends that are all strongly established in the medicine music scene: kalimba by Chandra Lacombe, violins by Elina Reale and guitar by Diego Francisco. Their sister Marileen Lewis, who is the third Flower in the Astral bouquet, contributes not only with her voice and flute, but also with a stunning artwork of the Supreme Lord Krishna playing His flute. 

Hare Krishna! 


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