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We have invited Ajeet to Oslo on April 6!

Updated: Apr 4

Over the years, there is one artist more than any other that has been at the top of our wish list to invite, and now we can finally say Ajeet is coming to Oslo for the first time. She is an extraordinary artist, songwriter, and a brilliant live performer. We have witnessed her magic on several occasions in recent years, and she has left us speechless and with goosebumps. She will be joined on stage by Raffa Martinez on percussion and Aisling Urwin on harp.

Info on the tour:

Spring brings a sense of freshness and vibrant new life. Emerging after many months in her own healing process, Ajeet embodies the feeling of waking from a deep inner winter changed, opened, deepened.. Those who come to Ajeet’s concerts can expect moments of all encompassing calm, an experience of music as a mode of ritual and connection, and exuberant realms of celebration and release. The audience often feels like it moves and breathes as one with the music, traveling through meditative spaces, inner realms, and then rising together into dance and rhythm. The experience of Ajeet and her band is layered and moves through many rich colours like a dream or ceremony. The intention of Ajeet’s music is healing and connection; a collective and interwoven experience more than a performance. The band draws elements of Latin and African percussion from Spanish-born Raffa Martinez together with influences and instrumentation from Ireland. Aisling Urwin, born and raised in Co. Kerry, Ireland, opens one’s mind to the full musical and emotional range of the Irish harp while Ajeet dances through her intricate soundscape with deep feel-it-in-your-bones percussion on her Bodhrán and playful breathy strokes of melody with the low whistle. All of this created the musical dream in which Ajeet’s soulful voice explores new spaces with every concert. Ajeet’s integral love of folk traditions has lead her to study traditional song and instrumentation in India, Central and South America, and her own ancestral land and home country of Ireland. She is dedicated to gathering and studying traditional music for the rest of her days, and this ongoing relationship shines through musically in intentional and unconscious ways throughout her own musical offerings. These deep rooted traditional influences weave with her own unique softness to offer an unexpected and transporting musical opening for a rich and profound experience.

Bio Ajeet:

Ajeet is a world music artist weaving inspiration from traditional folk to mystical and meditative soundscapes. The band come together from around the world to offer a musical experience which transcends boundaries and takes listeners on a journey through melody and sonic texture. Many experience Ajeet’s music as healing, rejuvenating, and a place of deep connection.

Collaboration is central in her work, and some of her collaborators include Trevor Hall, Aisling Urwin, Sukhmani Rayat, Rising Appalachia, Snatam Kaur, Seamus Egan and Peia. Her creative process extends beyond live performance to her recording studio, where she produces and engineers her own work and others.

Celebrated as #1 on the iTunes World Chart and Billboard Top 10 New Age Chart, Ajeet’s music continues to be embraced by communities across the globe.

Band Member Bios:

Raffa Martinez:

Raffa Martínez is a multi-instrumentalist from Spain, with a deep mastery of world percussion. His sensitivity and joyful presence is celebrated throughout the world, touring with artists such as Ajeet, Tina Malia, Peia, and Nessi Gomez. Raffa has studied music as it weaves together with Shamanistic practices across the globe. Some of his most in depth study and experience has been across Africa and South America. Raffa is a songwriter, musician, and recording artist on his own and with his band Shaman Laika.

Aisling Urwin:

Aisling Urwin is a harpist and songwriter from the seaside town of Kenmare in the mountainous South West of Ireland. Aisling aspires to use the harp in a contemporary context, challenging traditional views in an effort to stretch people's preconceptions about what the harp should sound like. She is also passionate about the powerful healing properties of music and sound. Aisling often sings in the ancient Irish traditional Sean Nós style(‘Sean Nós’ meaning ‘old style’). Her work reflects the sounds of today's youthful modern Irish traditional music, an ever evolving tradition. Aisling's music combines the organic sounds of lever harp and natural vocals with rich electronic sounds and textures. Her fifth album, 'The Dragonfly Jig’ came out in 2019.


Tickets: 550 NOK +tax

Special meet & greet tickets: 1090 NOK. (included meet Ajeet and the band before the concert, a signed CD and second row seating)

Bar is open, and there will be served ceremonial cacao: NOK 99.-


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