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Curawaka "Freedom Song" out today!

Summer solstice - a celebration of life and light on Earth. As the energy of the Sun reaches its peak in the northern hemisphere, Curawaka releases the beautiful ‘Freedom Song’ into the world, from their forthcoming album ‘Dreamtime’ .

Modern folk with a celtic nordic twist, Freedom Song is a song perfect for dancing barefoot in a field under the sun, singing for freedom, joy, our precious heart relations, and celebrating the gift of life itself.

“I am a forever optimist and a believer in mysterious ways. I stubbornly believe the sweet winds of the invisible world will continue to whisper wisdom and truth to our hearts, and gently stir our rigid stagnation, so that the memories in our bones begin to sing again. I hope those memories of our true purpose will pour out of the music as pure medicine to heal our collective amnesia, and make us long for and respond to, seek and defend, that which is true, good and sacred.

Freedom Song’ is the anthem of hope, a joyous ode to the vision of that new world, the chant of the wild free spirit calling its destiny - to go home and be a sacred world family.” - Anna Curawaka

Freedom Song Credits:

Written by Anna Bariyani

Produced by Txai Fernando and Anna Bariyani

Anna Bariyani - Vocals / World stick Alberto Arroyo - Electric guitar Tavo Vazquez - Bass Txai Fernando - Percussion / Jaw harp / Keyboard Chandra Lacombe - Percussion / Mouth slap Uriel Seri - Percussion Gabriel Aisenman - Percussion Lassi Logren - Jouhikko Vocal choir: Anna Bariyani, Alberto Arroyo, Aurora Citlali Arroyo-Stokkeland, Txai Fernando, Maité LaMuse

Recorded by Txai Fernando in Nixi Studios, Oslo. Mixed and mastered by Jock Loveband, Urban Sounds Studios, Oslo.

A&R and Management by Nils Olav Lausund

Artwork by Delfina Mun


A moment in time

When all is aligned

when the mystery moves

and the morning star shines

when the songbirds sing

the bells of freedom ring

at the hour of dawn

the new world is born

See the eagle fly

Condor by his side

All beast and bird

Will finally be heard

at the hour of dawn

the new world is born

Feel the tide rising

as we weave the horizon

the wise ones say

It’s a good time to pray

that the day has come

when we hear the song

when we feel we belong

when we gather as one

With the first rays of sun

The new world has begun

Prayers of the past

The dream of those who didn’t last

Prophecies of old

will guide the world home

And we people vow to stand

with our hearts in our hands

to be true to the Earth

peacekeepers of the land

We will rise to be

a global family

we will rise to be

united and free

We´re sons and daughters

we’re mothers and fathers

sister and brother

walking each other

Home, home

The day has come

we hear the song

we feel we belong

we are gathered as one

We’re sons and daughters

we’re mothers and fathers

sister and brother

we’re walking each other

Home, home

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May 24, 2023

Music has the power to inspire and uplift, and it's wonderful to see artists creating songs with such meaningful intentions. I hope the song resonates with listeners and spreads its message of freedom and unity far and wide. And to get more plays of this song, I recommend using spotify music promotion

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