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Curawaka are streaming Live from the Dominicuskerk in Amsterdam tonight!

Dear friends! This evening 20 pm Amsterdam time, you are all invited to join Curawaka live from the Dominicus Church in Amsterdam, from your own homes!

Due to corona regulations they had to refund all tickets sold and only invite 30 people to the concert. It is a strong prayer for them to share their music in the middle of a society in crisis, during this great paradigm shift in these historical times. We must remember the light, the goodness, the healing, the hope and the truth, the sacred. We must keep our vision high and remember what is our purpose. So they open up for a livestream for the first time, to be able to share with the rest of the world.

Thanks to Daniëlle Doeve and Jeroen at HeartFire who is steering this ship through heavy waters, who so gracefully and braveheartedly continue where others would have long stopped. We

bow to you.

LIVESTREAM CURAWAKA Freedom Tour 2020 2 October 2020 Streamed Live from de Dominicuskerk in Amsterdam 20:00 - 22:00 CEST (Amsterdam Time)

The enterance to the livestream requires a ticket. There are two types of tickets so everyheart in the world can join:

A normal ticket for 10 euro An extra ticket for 15 euro If you feel you want to support our soul's work in these transformative times. Much appreciated!

Buy your ticket for the livestream here:

More info on Curawaka:


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