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Charlotte Mabon "All Is Love" is out today!

"It was the fourth song that I ever wrote and it came through to me after a very difficult passage whilst staying in the forests of Brazil. It came to guide me back to myself, my body and my home on this earth with new understanding and a peace deeper than I knew was possible.

This song has been sung at funerals, has rocked babies to sleep and accompanied people in their last moments. I'm so happy that it has at last been recorded and can spread its wings.

Thanks you to all my lovely friends featured in this little film.. Taz Babiker, Amida Harvey, Gabrielle O'Connell, Sophie, Sarah Parker, Fiona Shaw, Aleya, Orla, Elowen, Rich, Tarryn, baby Ezra, Paul Brierley, Sue and the others who I couldn't squeeze in."

Charlotte Mabon


Written & composed by: Charlotte Mabon


Charlotte Mabon (vocals, guitar)

Misha Mullov-Abbado (producer and double bass)

Bridget O-Donnell (violin)

Deni Teo (cello)

Iwan Kushka (percussion)

Sunny Davidson (second guitar).

Mix by Nils Olav Lausund

Mastered by Christian Romslo.

Listen, Stream & Download here:


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