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The Crowdfunding for Adrian Freedman upcoming mantra album coming on Nixi Music is now online!

Dear Friends!

I am writing here to all followers of my music journey, to ask your support with a special recording project. I send these music newsletters just a few times a year, usually with updates about recording projects, collaborations, concerts etc. I am constantly engaging with other musicians from around the world in new album releases, and mostly done as a labour of love with little hope of making a fortune through the online streaming that we musicians have to work with these days. However the project I am working on at the moment I cannot complete without some support, as there are 25 musicians and many studios and other people involved. So I have launched my first ever CrowdFunding campaign, and I am here to ask for your help!

Please follow the link to read more about it, and I hope you can feel inspired to engage with it and put a little fire in the engine of this project so I can bring it to the world and share with you in the best possible way. Many thanks and much love

Adrian 🤍


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