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Support Ayla Schafer - 'Songs for a New Earth' - Album Fundraiser!

Nixi Music artist Ayla Schafer is soon ready with her new album "Songs For A New Earth". She just launched her fundraiser to help the final stages of the album. If you feel the calling to support, you will find all information below:

Fundraiser page:

With so much gratitude for your support, I welcome you to be a part of creating this New Album. Your contribution will make it possible to cover all the costs and complete the next steps to finish this project, giving the wings for these song spirits to fly into the world. Your support also makes it possible for me to keep writing songs, recording them and sharing them with you all! I offer this album as a medicine to support the healing of the deeper underlying sicknesses that humanity faces in this moment. Music has the magic, powerful and mysterious ability to go deep to the roots within us, to help us to heal, to feel, to call us back to our hearts... to Guide us home. These songs speak of the journey of remembering who we truly are, where we really come from and what we are here for. They honour that which is Sacred, the Elements, the Ancestors, the Earth, the Sky, the Wisdom of the invisible kingdom, the Spirit world, the whispers of the Silent Voices that are guiding and reminding us that we are all part of a holy creation, all related, all a breath of the Great Spirit of life. This album is my offering to the world in this pivotal moment of humanity, my prayer that we may reweave the Sacred web of Life and hand to our children a beautiful world that is thriving. It my offering of gratitude to the spirit world and to the beloved Earth that is our Mother.

For every single contribution towards this campaign a donation will be made to organisations providing COVID-19 relief for indigenous people around the world and those who have the least resources.​

How you can help 

  • Pre-order my album now for however much you wish to contribute by selecting one of the perks listed to the right

 If you are unable to Pre-order at this time, not to worry! You can still help in several  important ways:

  •  Share this campaign by word of mouth as well as through social media (Facebook/instagram etc)

  • Email your friends and family around the world (this system works the best).

  • Generally spreading the word!

(*NOTE ABOUT PAYPAL - If you wish to pay using PayPal then please pay directly to and tell me which perk you have chosen) What You Get If you wish to Pre-order the album then check on the right side for the amount you wish to choose and the corresponding list of perks that you can receive in exchange for your contribution. Album costs I have been co-creating this album with producer Txai Fernando and We are now 90% of the way through completion. Your donation will cover the costs so far (which have been loaned to project by NIXI Music) and pay for the finishing costs of the album. Making this all manifest is not an easy mission, nor is it cheap. The amount raised will cover the recording, production and distribution costs of this album which is, £15,000.

The breakdown of these costs is as follows:  Recording/studio fees/production/mixing/editing/mastering  - £ 9000 CD Production/download cards -£ 1200 Musician fees - £1500 Artwork and design - £1000 Other expenses, travel etc - £1600 Indiegogo fees - £750 Covid-19 Relief donations - ... ? Anything raised over this amount will fund a music video for one of the album's singles and go towards publicity and promotion.

TIMELINE AIMS We aim to finish the: Recording, editing and mixing - by end of May Mastering and Artwork/design - by June ALBUM LAUNCH - August! Additional Perks - September - October I am deeply grateful for your generosity, love and support.  A massive thank you from my heart  x Ayla

It has been an amazing and inspiring journey seeing these songs become their full expression. It's an honour and privilege to have this collection of incredible musicians from all around the world sharing their gifts on this album. Adrian Freedman - Shakuhachi Asha McCarthy - Cello César Aguilar Alcedo - Charango Chandra Lacombe - Kalimba and backing vocals Daniel waples - Hang Ed Wade-Martins - Berimbau Eran fakir - Ney Giselle Real-d'Arbelles - Flute and backing vocals Helen knight - Backing vocals Herbert Quinteros - Charango, Quena, Toyos and voices Hivshu - Spoken voice and drum Ibou Cissokho - Kora Joshua Wenzl - Backing vocals and Drum Lee Westwood - Dulcimer Michael Stanton - Oktav guitar and backing vocals Misha Mullov-Abbado - Double bass Nimrod Nol - Violin Ricardo Sanchez - Percussion Rowan Sterk - Percussion Susie prater - Backing vocals Txai Fernando - Percussion Uriel seri - Conga Biography

"The wisdom of Mother Earth is clearly channeling through Schafer, and just as our mother is, this music is also stunning." -Chalked up Reviews 

'This soulful songstress will astound you with her stunning vocal prowess and captivating presence. A deeply evocative sound that enchants and inspires beauty’   – Ben Howard, Island Records - 

Ayla Schafer is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music, her music expressing a passionate dedication to earth consciousness and the sacred ancient wisdoms.   With a growing international presence she is a powerful voice in the world of ‘ceremonial/medicine music’ and the rising global community of people who are committed to residing in harmony with the Earth. To experience the essence of this young songstress is to be taken down an enchanting musical journey that ultimately leads us back to the very core of our own inner existence. 

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