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"Silent Voices" teaser video!

Ayla Schafers new album 'Silent Voices' is out in just three days!

Ayla says: "Here is a little teaser of the song that gave the name to the album, because it describes so much from where the album has been born. These two words of the title mean so much for me... They speak of the invisible kingdom and the beings that live there, of the voices that are always whispering, singing, speaking, guiding us in words that are silent to our physical ears, but that are heard by our heart and spirit. This song, like the album, is a deep honouring of the ancient wisdom that we are woven within as a part of in this sacred creation".

You can pre-save 'Silent Voices' so it automatically is saved on spotify (Or your preferred streaming platform|) the moment it is released :


More on Ayla:

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