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"Prayer Song" from Flowers of the Forest out today!

Flowers of the Forest «Prayer Song»

«A call to unite with one another and nature»

«Oh Brothers, dear sweet sisters,

Let´s stand in our power

We are warriors of this Earth

Climbing mountains, reaching high»

– We’ve all been through so much, both as individuals and collectively, as part of this earth. This song is honoring the steps we have taken on our healing journey. It is a call to embrace our power and honor the inner work we all have done.

Rutt Treima and Sigmund Vatvedt of the enchanting duo Flowers of the Forest are back with another musical offering that originally came to them five years ago. Within a couple of days with a very strong connection to The Great Spirit, the words flowed through them both. Now it’s finally out on digital platforms as a prayer song everyone can join.

– Our tribe or with other words a community with like minded people, is a great support on our path. We are offering thanks to our family, our friends, and all the teachers that have walked this path before us, Rutt says.

The couple’s two main teachers are featured on this song: the respected shaman Txana Ixa of the Huni Kuin tribe and the Brazilian Kalimba master Chandra Lacombe. Chandra plays drums on this track, and Ixa delivers an opening prayer, a blessing for new beginnings and to welcome in the healing.

Sigmund and Rutt are tightly knit to the Huni Kuin people, and have spent a lot of time studying and living with the tribe in the Amazon jungle.

Nawa Pana (also of Huni Kuin) closes the song with a grounding prayer, letting the healing manifest itself, grounding it into our lives. Kailash Kokopelli contributes with a Spirit Chant, calling upon the great mystery/ Great Spirit.

Flowers of the Forest have also summoned a group of friends as a back up choir for the traditional Huni Kuin chant which is sung in the song.

– We wanted to highlight the strength of praying together, as brothers and sisters. It is a prayer for healing, honoring nature, giving thanks to the elements we all are made of, Sigmund states.

– This is a prayer to keep the connection with each other and nature and all the elements and forces that make up life on this planet.

With deep gratitude to the indigenous people of this world!

Listen to "Prayer Song"


Written and composed by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima

Sigmund Vatvedt: Vocals, guitars, shakers, flute

Rutt Treima: Vocals

Kenneth Ekornes: Percussion and drums

Endre Hareide: Bass

Chandra Lacombe: Darbuka

Txana Ixá Huni Kuin: Huni Kuin Prayers

Nawa Paná Huni Kuin: Huni Kuin Prayers

Kailash Kokopelli: Spirit Chant and flute

Choir: Nils Olav Strand Lausund, Kim André Johansen, Gitam, Txai Fernando, Aïda Frusan,

Marthe Mageroy

Produced by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima

Co produced by Nils Olav Strand Lausund

Recorded at Urban Sound Studios by Jock Loveband

Recorded at Nixi Music by Nils Olav Strand Lausund

Mastered at Urban Sound Studios by Jock Loveband

Artwork by Maria Treima



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