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Nils Olav remixed Kailash Kokopellis "Tatawari Firechant"

«Tatawari Firechant» is a celebration of the sacred fire which has kept us warm and alive in the cold and dark times.

It is the fire which brings us together in story, song and dance remembering our ancestors and future generations.

The fire cooks our food and brings nourishment to our heart and spirit. It is a fire offering healing and transformation.

Through reverence for the sacred elements of life we recognise that the fire from the heart of our solar system in form of father sun and the fire of awareness as pure consciousness are one. May the fire of destruction and warfare cease and may our dance around the fire bring peace.

Nils Olav’s remix intricately weaves organic sounds, paying homage to the spiritual essence of the original while embracing a dynamic approach for the conscious dance floor.

 Featuring the enchanting voices of Sudha and Pao Pamaki alongside Kokopellis soothing vocals, evocative spoken word and prayer flutes, the song serves as a heartfelt prayer honouring the Great Mystery embodied in the form of the grandfather fire, child of the sun. 


The lyrics express gratitude and reverence:

 Grandfather Fire, child of the sun.

Thank you for being the heart of all hearts,

The fire of all fires…


Listen, Stream & Download Here:

Kailash Kokopelli, is recognized as an international recording artist, producer and performer of medicine music. The sound medicine man has explored the healing effect of sound since the early 90s and conducts sound healing ceremonies as well as individual treatments worldwide. Kokopelli's sound alchemy covers a great variety of genre ranging from healing sound of prayer flute via shamanic soundscapes to electronic world fusion and ecstatic dance music as well as soul funk, smooth jazz, EDM and spoken word. Through his sound medicine woven with poetic prayers and mystic songs he offers keys to initiate self-healing processesand expand awareness for coming home to source within. A master of the Native American Prayer Flute, Spirit Chanting and various sacred instruments, Kailash weaves healing mantras into his sacred world music, fostering a unified energy field of grace and healing.

Pao Pamaki, a singer-songwriter deeply connected to the wisdom of indigenous cultures, brings forth her profound connection with nature spirits through her music. Her voice resonates with gratitude, offering a connection to the path of the heart.

Sudha, with a rich background spanning diverse spiritual paths and cultures, weaves a unique tapestry of meditation and music. Her journey, shaped by experiences from various traditions, culminates in a deep-rooted connection with Nordic roots, enriching her music with ancient influences.

Nils Olav, known for his extensive background in music production and DJing, found inspiration in the underground culture of medicine music. His artistic journey with Nixi Music led to a fusion of electronic sounds with live performances, resulting in a harmonious blend that merges spirituality and music seamlessly. "Meeting Chandra Lacombe was very special; he had a huge spiritual influence on me," shares Nils Olav. "Over the last years it has felt natural to come back to my birth name - Nils Olav - for releasing music."



«Tatawari Fire Chant” available on Nixi Music starting December 22, marking the winter

solstice with a harmonious blend of ancestral wisdom and contemporary rhythms.


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