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Nils Olav remix of Helene Bøksle "Vegvisir" is out today!

Vegvísir’, inspired by a Norse sign intended to help travellers find their way through storm and rough weather, is a song originally written and produced by Singer-songwriter Helene Bøksle and composer Sindre Hotvedt.

The track now sees Nixi Music’s Nils Olav give Helene’s fusion of traditional folk lyrics and contemporary pop music an electronic twist, the two working together seamlessly to deliver a modern dance epic. The original features Helene’s impassioned vocals sang over cinematic instrumentals which Nils then expands upon by adding an assortment of drums backed by violins, trumpets and plucked guitar bass. He does this without making the track lose its theatrical edge, reverbed vocals and cymbal hits keeping the listener’s imagination firmly fixated on wandering the Norwegian landscape.

Helene Bøksle ‘Vegvisir (Nils Olav Remix)’ is out via Nixi Music and Mockingbird Music

Tracklist: 01 Vegvisir (Nils Olav Remix)

02 Vegvisir (Nils Olav Dub)


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