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New Curawaka single out today!

As they begin to tour Latin America after a one and half year tour break, Curawaka release the third single from their upcoming album ‘Dreamtime’, ‘La Senda’ on Nixi Music.

“We are excited to share the news that our third single from our upcoming new album is coming out on Spring Equinox, on March 21!

‘La Senda’ is a song inspired by the global family of pilgrims on the sacred path of prayer.

A hymn for all Earth guardians and everyone on the planet who carries the torch of healing and prayer for a better world, under the guidance and protection of the elders and keepers of ancestral wisdom, who bless our lives through their songs, knowledge and healing.

‘La Senda’ is also a journey in the highlands of the Andes, reflected in the rhythm and soundscape typical of the region. The track features the powerful presence of Colombian wisdom keeper Taita Nando, who adds otherworldly depth to this track through his chants and prayers.

We absolutely love this song, it has become an anthem in our own homes and lives, and we are so excited to finally share it with the world. ‘La Senda’ is an original Curawaka song, written and composed by our own Tavo Vazquez in the Mayan ruins of Mexico. The artwork is hand painted by the wonderful Delfina Mun.”

“Our music is an ode to the wild spirit, a tribute to Mother Earth and a love letter to life itself. We are deeply inspired by native traditions and have been blessed to learn with and from various indigenous peoples around the world.” Anna Bariyani, Curawaka (Read Otherness feature here)

‘La Senda’ follows 2022 single releases - ‘Shamboriri’ and ‘Freedom Song’. Later this year, Curawaka will release their second album 'Dreamtime' on Nixi Music and the band will tour throughout Latin America and Europe. “We started the recording of this album in February 2021, and it has been a very special process for us to hold space for this record to come alive. As we continue to travel in Latin-America the next months, we will slowly announce more details on the album's arrival. But in short, it is almost done, it’s sounding amazing and we are beyond ourselves with excitement to finally share it with you!”

“Medicine music - the hypnotic sound of the summer.” - LOfficiel

Often associated with the term “medicine music or “new world music”, Curawaka reflects a larger movement of collective healing, drawing upon indigenous cultural influence in their songs and general message. Their music is forged out of a deep prayer of uniting all peoples in order to defend and protect the natural world as the very sacred foundation of all life. Their debut album, ‘Call Of The Wild’, released in 2018 on Nixi Music, launched Curawaka into wider public awareness, reaching the hearts of not only global underground earth warriors, but also the larger scene of alternative music, especially fans of folk and world music.

La Senda’ is released March 21 on Nixi Music

Dreamtime’ (album) will be released later this summer on Nixi Music

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