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Kim Booth launches Vision Futura PR company!

Exciting news from our dear friend and partner kim Boooth!

"Good morning! I have some news! I have started a new PR company, focusing on medicine music and healers through music and creativity, called Vision Futura. The idea came last October during my second vision quest, after some months testing the waters with friends at Niximusic and bringing in all I learnt in my dance music PR days, to the path(s) I am now on! I’m so happy to be working with some really beautiful musicians and also Cosmic 🍍of course !

Vision Futura is a channel to promote artists and creative projects with a vision and mission to help heal and elevate the earth and humanity.

Art, music and creativity, in all its forms, has always been a way to open the mind to new possibilities, speak truth, show the future and to birth the new. The creatives VF will be working with carry a strong medicine for healing and awakening through their art and energy.

We are in a pivotal point on earth and we all have the power to create change. Vision Futura honours the unique individual spark, honours the truth and understands that we co-create a new reality - and the importance of music, connection, creativity and healing in this process.”

Clients include: Curawaka, Nixi Music, Chandra Lacombe, Cosmic Pineapple, Magic Exists Stardust and more to come!


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