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Its time to choose <3

Aho family!

So now we are at a crossroad and we need to choose if FEAR or LOVE is our direction.

We are all related, we breath the same Air, we drink the same Water, we share this environment. I pray we can make from this virus a medicine that will heal some of our wounds with Mother nature. I know we all have the healing inside of us. Its time to go deeper and deeper. From the ruins of the falling castles of the empire of illusion the temple of the Spirit is rising on the sacred ground of the world of truth. Stay safe and peaceful, enjoy time with family and use the opportunity to rethink the ways we are living. Stay more in the nature and breath some good Air :-) Bless your Water, share your Love <3 Love & Gratitude

Listen to "Arkan Song 2", a taste from Chandra Lacombes upcoming album coming on our label later in the year.


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