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"Hijos Guerreros del Sol" out today!

Today we released "Hijos Guerreros Del Sol" from Adrian Freedman`s album "Kindred Souls".

"Hijos Guerreros Del Sol"

Words and music by Kuauhtli Vasquez

Performed by: Kuauhtli Vasquez - Voice and Rhythm Guitar Tao Txana - Voice and Rhythm Guitar Adrian Freedman - Shakuhachi, Lead Guitar & Percussion

Tavo Vazquez - Charango Misha Mullov Abbado - Shakuhachi, Lead Guitar & Percussion

Kuauhtli Vasquez is a descendant of the Aztec and Mexica lineage. He is the Spiritual Chief of the Teokalli Quetzalcoatl Native American Church. Kuauhtli has danced the traditional Native American Sundance and the Mexica danza for 25 years. Kuauhtli wrote this song about the Sundance for his own grandson. It has powerful imagery of young warriors dancing for the sun and for life, dreams for a future of justice and peace, eagles flying in the sky, new horizons and united hearts.

This recording began its life in the summer of 2014, when Kuauhtli and Tao Txana were visiting Adrian at his studio in Devon, UK. These three brother musicians on the medicine path, a Mexican, a Turk and an Englishman, sat down to record and the track was finished quickly in simple form. Some shakuhachi flute and percussion was added, and the song was released on Soundcloud, where it has gathered nearly 200K listens. Seven years later, in 2021, Adrian was putting together his Kindred Souls album with Nixi Music, featuring collaboration tracks with musicians from around the world. This song was a logical contender for the album and it was completely remixed by Txai Fernando in Oslo, with new instrumental parts added. Now with this beautiful new video by Maria Payne Vlahogiannis the song is given fresh wings.

Recorded and produced by Adrian Freedman and Txai Fernando

Mixed by Txai Fernando, Nixi Music Studio, Oslo Mastered by Jock Loveband - Urban Sound Studio, Oslo

Song lyrics and Translation:

Danzando al sol cayen gotitas de mi sangre Para que nazcan mis nietos con la fuerza De los ancestros que rezaron por su raza Flores blancas que brotan en mi alma

Lindas los cantos y pasos de mi danza La Pacha Mama alegre al ver mi llanto Gotitas da agua vida floreciendo En manantiales amores para mi gente Con los rayos de mi corazón radiante Ilumino el camino de mi familia Hijos guerreros de esta nueva raza Los que danza para el sol ~ y la vida Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, heeeyaaa Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, ho Las aguilitas vuelan hacia el cielos Sus plumas llevan los rezos de mis hijos Los danzantes adornan sus copillis La luz del sol es su tesoro sagrado Ofrecen melodías a los cuatro vientos Llevan los sueños de un futuro brillante Cuando nacen mis nietos tan felices Serán guerreros de paz ~ y la justicia Con los rayos... Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, heeeyaaa Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, ho No hay frontera que podrá seperarnos Con nuestras alas cruzamos los horizontes Uniendo todos nuestras corazones Danzando al padre sol ~ y Pacha Mama Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, heeeyaaa Hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, hey yana, ho Con los rayos... —————————-


Dancing to the sun, droplets of my blood fall to bring strength for my grandchildren For my ancestors who prayed for this race White flowers blooming in my soul Beautiful songs and steps of my dance Pacha Mama is glad to see my tears Droplets of the water, bursting with life. In fountains of love for my people.

With the bright rays of my heart I light the way for my family Young warriors of this new race That dance to the sun, and to life Eagles flying in the sky, their feathers carry the prayers for my children The sun dancers, adorned in their copillis Sunlight is their sacred treasure They offer the melodies of the four winds Carrying dreams for a bright future When born, my grandchildren are joyous They are warriors for peace and justice No borders can separate us With our wings crossing the horizons Uniting our hearts, Dancing to Father Sun, and Mother Earth

Kuauhtli Vasquez

Tao Txana

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