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Giita Rani joins the Nixi Music family!

Giita Rani is an singer/songwriter from Norway.

Her voice is of soft velvet, and her style is dreamy and magical.

The stars glitters in the sunlit sky, over a beautiful landscape in the Inner Kingdom.

Colorful pearls; folk tunes from around the world weaving into her own songs.

She is now in the process of producing new material with Nixi Music, and first out is the single “Shiva | Divine Dancer ”.

Giita explains “The song was created as a playful jam, Chandra and Surya, sun and moon dancing around each other. And as it grew on me, and the lyrics started to come forth it was in the spirit of anchoring royal spirit of consciousness. The wish in creating music is ever to inspire flow; in moments of rest, meditation, dance, yoga, healing and connecting.

Mantras as a tool can be used for vibrational impulse, elevating the state of mind towards king/or queen consciousness. With melodies that move us, it can touch the heart key and open up to a safe space of immense love. And when you sing with your own voice it vibrates throughout the body on a cellular level. Shiva is an ancient avatar and symbol of so many qualities. He’s the father figure, the immediate protector, and the bridge between manifested and unmanifested”.

She is also an brilliant touring artist, and plays solo as well as with band. Here are selected festivals she has been featured on:

Ängsbacka Yoga and Dance (Sweden)

Ancient Trance (Germany, several times)

Peace Dance (Germany)

Avatar (Slovakia)

BodyMindSpirit (Norway)

Ananda (Russia)

Valley of Bliss (Portugal)

Giita Rani “Shiva | Divine Dancer” is coming on July 31st with Nixi Music.


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