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George Lucena "Hooponopono" is out!

The song is inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian prayer Hooponopono, a practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. The song is produced by George and Nixis own wizard producer Txai Fernando. So much gratitude for the medicine music that touches our heart.

"I began to understand that music went far beyond simple entertainment. My relationship with sound and silence intensified. I began to use music as a tool for my own connection. Music to meditate, to calm my heart. I could witness the effects of this medicine in practice, in my life and in the life of my family.

In this awakening, I have been deepening and diving towards the good use of sound and music for the propagation of good, love, and the importance of living in harmony with nature and the simple things in life. There are already 3 albums recorded: "Para Viajar" from 2005, "Naturezando" from 2014, and "Tempo das Coisas" from 2020. I keep working on new projects, bathing people in sound and harmony, uniting music, therapeutic sounds, and sound meditations. Today, living music is like breathing, essential!"

George Lucena

More info on George:


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