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Genevieve & Milo "Sing Through Me" out now!

Following their recent Nixi Music release ‘Love Is At The Centre’, which was supported by Nemone on BBC 6 Music, Genevieve & Milo return with ‘Sing Through Me’.

A song evoking feelings of whimsical summer days and nights, spent deep in nature, ‘Sing Through Me’, brings a feeling of love in your heart and a connection to the natural beauty and wonder of earth.

Sing Through Me’ arrived to us during a visit to the Cederberg, an expansive desert-like

mountainous region just outside of Cape Town. It is a space of deep silence and has held so much significance for us over the years. We went on this particular occasion to connect to the landscape and with the intention to write some music. After a rather forceful attempt at creating, we were left empty handed and decided to scrap our plans of writing anything while we were there. Only once we had let go, the space was open for magic to flow. Later that evening, under the incredibly starry Cederberg skies, ‘Sing Through Me’ arrived, whole and complete, a prayer that would bring us endless teachings and beauty over the coming years.

Sing Through Me’ is a calling to the Spirit of Life, to work through us, to guide our hands, to do that which we came here to do. It calls upon the elemental forces, these forces that are so interwoven with our lives, to guide us with their wisdom. This song encapsulates the essence of how we long to truly live; in deeper alignment with ourselves and the world around us, acting as vessels for Spirit's great creativity and beauty. It invites us into joyful surrender and ever deeper trust. It is a reminder that we are not alone, in that we are connected to a great web of wisdom and love, which we may be conduits for, if we so choose.

This song is hugely inspired by the music of the Huni Kuin people, who we would like to credit for their influence not only on our music but our lives.” - Genevieve & Milo

About Genevieve and Milo: Genevieve and Milo are a medicine music duo from Cape Town. They weave together prayers and songs inspired by the spirit of nature and the journey of healing. Raised amidst the raw beauty of the icy Atlantic Ocean and the boundless expanses of the Cape wilderness, their musical essence is rooted in a profound connection to nature. Their compositions, both mournful and elevating, encapsulate heartfelt messages, narrating tales of healing, and inviting listeners to rediscover the spirit of nature. Fusing influences from South America, Africa, and their ancestral Celtic heritage, their music transcends boundaries, leading listeners on a journey into the quietude of the heart, finding solace in melody.

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