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Flowers of the Forest with Chandra Lacombe "The River" is out today!

The River came to me many years ago during a trip to the Amazon rainforest.

I was at the time traveling with my good friend and teacher Txaná Ixa Huni Kuin.

We stopped some time in his village. As I was alone at that time I decided to go to the river with my guitar and sing a bit. Then the song, The River, came to me, from beginning to end.

Like the lyrics in the song speak about, this song brings a message of hope and peace.

How important it is to do self inquiry and think about ones life.

What do we want to create with our lives?

Why are we here, where do we come from and were are we going?

These are important questions in life and in the souls journey of remembering who we are. This song also invites in the feeling and the joy of being a family, we; humanity as a whole. Remembering to care and love for each other, and not to get lost in philosophical pondering. We need remember to live life fully in our bodies and hearts and not just in the mind.

In this song our dear friend and teacher Chandra Lacombe, who has been a big inspiration for us for many years, joins with his kalimba and voice. Weaving in his energy and presence by creating a beautiful soundscape like flowing water throughout the song.

“The River”

Performed and composed by Flowers of the Forest

Listen here:


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