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Flowers of the Forest reveals their next single "The Beginning"!

The Beginning is the follow up (2nd) single by Flowers of the Forest, written and composed by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima. The beginning portraits the first steps taken by the seeker, after having received /heard the calling. It marks the beginning of the conscious choice to undertake/undergo the journey of spiritual awakening, guided by the revelation of unity with the whole creation. The journey that has no real beginning and no real end, even though the conscious choice has a beginning. The song paints an intricate pattern of the ebb and flow of the life's many cycles. It aims to make the listener aware of the many miracles of life, reflected in the deep mysteries of creation, leading to the awareness of the oneness of all things. The songs meditative and comforting melodies ensures that the quest is safe, and the journey ahead is full of wonders and magic. While the debut single is a song of energetic life force to awaken the listener consciousness, the second release builds a safe comforting foundation for the seeker to begin the journey.

The song is held by the harmonic voices of Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima. The melodic use of the classical guitar gives a lyrical accompaniment, while clever use of the double bass grounds the song. Tin whistle and violins forms a colourful background with a playful dialog between them. Together they form a dreamy and harmonious sound picture that comforts the listener to begin the journey.

Pre save the single here:

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