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Flowers of the Forest reveals new singel and exciting featuring artist!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Steppe was born after Sigmund K. Vatvedt attended a Huun Huur Tu concert in Oslo. After the concert he felt very inspired by the rich, mystical and enchanted Tuvan tradition. He picked up his world stick, which is a 3 stringed dulcimer, and immediately the song came to him.

The song has no words in an already established language but expresses the joy of being free in an open grass landscape surrounded by mountains and nature. Riding your horse freely in the endless open steppe.

The song has also clear influences by the Sami tradition of north Norway, and is inspired by the joik tradition. To capture the feel and the atmosphere that he wanted for the song,. Sigmund reached out to Radik Tyulyush and asked for his contribution. Radik is a steady member of the group Huun Huur Tu, which is a world famous group touring extensively around the world performing their music with throat and overtone singing, which originates in Tuva. They are considered great masters of the technic and ambassadors of the Siberian and Tuvan culture. Radik plays several ethnic traditional instruments on the track and sings in the traditional style. Giving the song a rich and broad spectrum of sounds and melodies.

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