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Flowers of the Forest "A Neverending Story" is out today!

Flowers of the Forest is a musical journey created and composed by Sigmund Vatvedt and Rutt Treima. The group combines various musical expressions, cultures and languages. It bridges the ancient and modern, inspired by folklore and traditions spanning the north, south, east and west. The songs express the beauty of nature and the creative Life Force.

The lyrics speak of the hearts longing to be free. At its core, the music embodies a deep spiritual calling which comes to life through the melodies, harmonies and sounds. It is a powerful creative expression, a prayer for the souls yearning to awaken and live life fully.

"A musical story that is very dear to our hearts, as it expresses our journey together once again. This song came in a powerful moment of healing for us both and through us both, bringing hope and joy with it.

When we sang it for the first time it opened another dimension in our musical co-creation

and it introduced a glimpse into the New Earth that is emerging as the tides are turning.

The feminine spirit of nature with her healing wisdom is calling and singing to awaken us from our slumber. As we are searching far and wide for truth and freedom, for deep peace and contentment, simple happinnes and fulfillment.

This search has taken us to many places in the world, and each place and meeting has given us another hint, a clue, a step, a guidance to search more and more each time inward, as we connect with nature. Turning our gaze inward and seeing that our heart is a forever limitless oasis, a sacred sanctuary, the longed-for home. Where peace and joy resides.

And where the story of Life is a forever continuous one. This exploration and expansion of our heart and soul is a neverending story and this is also what the song tells about."

Flowers of the Forest

Listen, Stream & Download here:


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