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Darpan & Adrian Freedman "Peace Awakening" is out today!

Peace Awakening’ is a stunning, uplifting track that ebbs and flows through beautiful instrumentation, highlighted by the voice of Australian singer Darpan – a musician who weaves 30 years of experience in music, healing, and the shamanic arts.

Uplifting and soulful, the song is a gentle call to awakening in our times, and an evocation of the spirit of deep peace in the heart. With Darpan's vocal recorded in Australia, Adrian's Japanese flute in the UK, and an accompanying quartet of Norwegian musicians recorded in Oslo, this new release is a truly international collaboration of Kindred Souls.

Watch Darpan talking about "Peace Awakening"

“I have long been inspired by themes of awakening and the birthing of a new consciousness” says Darpan. “Peace Awakening is a song I received after an experience in which I was immersed in golden light and crystal awareness. I felt a profound sense of unity with all things, infused with a sense that this awakening is a gift to be conferred upon the human collective. Adrian is a dear friend and a master of the shakuhachi. His soaring tones invoke a celestial presence to Peace Awakening. I am delighted by our collaboration and honoured to contribute to the 'Kindred Souls' project.”

The Kindred Souls of this project are the musicians that Adrian Freedman has encountered and collaborated with on his travels around the world. Musicians like him who have been drawn to all forms of music from various traditions and cultures, and that have been called to play instruments from outside their own native cultures.

Track credits: Darpan - Voice

Adrian Freedman – Shakuhachi

Sigmund Vatvedt - Dilruba

Elina Rodevic - Violin

Endre Hareide- Bass Nils Olav Lausund - Synth

More on Adrian Freedman:


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