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Curawaka - The Dreamtime Tour is coming to Europe !

After an epic tour of Mexico, Peru and Brazil, Curawaka are coming to Europe, sharing songs from their upcoming album ‘Dreamtime’, to be released later this summer on Nixi Music. The band’s long awaited second album tells the story of the soul’s journey through our earthly existence and our heavenly beyond. With songs in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Inuit (from Greenland) and Shawandawa (language from Brazil), the voice of vocalist and songwriter, Anna Bariyani, transcends cultural borders and separation, and calls for unity amongst all tribes.

Curawaka weaves a magical tapestry through sound and soul, with stitches of world root rhythms and celestial melodies, through fabrics of waking and dreaming reality. With visions of hope and union and the core prayer of a sacred world rising. ‘Dreamtime’ is a prayer, supported spiritually and musically by powerful voices of indigenous traditional wisdom keepers from Greenland, Norway, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil. In this way, Curawaka continues to give a platform to indigenous voices, insisting that we listen to the elders of First Nations communities in order to navigate through the challenges of our time. Curawaka spent the first three months of 2023 touring Central and South America. They gave concerts deep in cenotes, planted prayers in ancient ancestral lands, sat and sang with elders in Guarani communities and performed sold out concerts in the main cities of Brazil, a country close to Curawaka’s heart, as it is where Curawakabegan.

It was a deeply emotional homecoming for the band, especially for Anna who has not been in Brazil for nine years. When she left she made the commitment to bring clean drinking water to Mutum village in the Yawanawa Indigenous Territory in Brazil, and after so many years, coming back with full Curawaka band, her husband and two little daughters, it was a profoundly nourishing and satisfying visit and she fulfilled her promise for the clean water. “After two years of hard work, we finally gathered enough funds to send WaterNow to the Amazon Rainforest to install water filters and give clean drinking water to the Yawanawa village Mutum in Brazil. It was a huge relief and victory for us to see the clean water flow from tap in in Mutum, and we feel so much gratitude to all of you who donated for the first part of our campaign ‘Water is Life‘.”The tour not only shares songs from the upcoming new album ‘Dreamtime’ but also shares songs that people already know and love from ‘Call Of The Wild‘.

Curawaka’s first album ‘Call Of The Wild’ was released in 2018, an album inspired by living with and learning from indigenous tribes around the world. With songs spanning seven languages, including Hatcha Kuin, Yawanawa, Sami, Spanish, Portuguese, English and lead singer Anna’s mother tongue, Norwegian, the music celebrates and echos the voices of the peoples of the natural world, their connection to spirit and their sacred practices. Some songs reached over five million plays, and the album became a message to global underground earth warriors.

Check dates below to see if they are coming near you!

05 June – Prague, CZ 07 June – Berlin, GE 09 June – Cologne, GE (Sold Out) 10 June – Munich, GE 11 June – Munich, GE – VOICE WORKSHOP with Anna Bariyani 14 June – Lisbon, PT 16 June – Reykjavik, IS 03 Sept – Rome, IT 08 Sept – Dublin, IR 20 Sept – Zürich, CH 21 Sept – Geneva, CH 23 Sept – Colmar, FR 26 Sept – Vienna, AU 29 Sept – Amsterdam, NL 30 Sept – Amsterdam, NL 01 Oct – Paris, FR 04 Oct – Warsaw, PL 08 Oct – Stockholm, SE 11 Oct – Riga, LV 13 Oct – Oslo, NO

Tickets Available HERE

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